Build your own item:

  • “In the cut, paddles” -(sizes range from 18 inches to 4ft) anything bigger must be requested if not listed.

  • Basic paddle (all paddles will have image beside for visual description as well)-carved paddle with flat surface=$50 (18 inches)

  • Basic paddle with 3D material(s)=$65-$75 (18-36 inches)

  • Basic paddle with carved handle=$75 (18-36 inches)

  • Paddle with carved handle + 3d material(s)=$90 to $110 (18-36 inches)

  • Stacked 3D paddle: $125 (18-24 inches)

  • 3D XL paddle: $175 (2-4 ft)

You “NAME” it

  • Design the name of your choice and pick materials; any theme is possible!

  • Paper Mache letters: $6 each (8inches)

  • Paper Mache letters: $12 each (12 inches) (usually used for monograms)

  • Wood letters (blocks): $9 each (8inches)

  • Wooden letters (flat): $7 each (12 inches)

  • Connect wooden name(s): (send inquiry) (different fonts available also)

  • How Old Are You? (for Fraternity and Sororities)

  • Options are as followed;

  • 8 inches standing block letters in wood or in connected flat wood 12 inches

  • Blocks=$50 flat connected=$65 (more décor can fit on these)


Graduation items (my favorite)


Graduations items are the ONLY ITEMS that are REQUIRED to be designed by the customer. I do this because I feel this day is extremely important, one of the greatest milestones that YOU have accomplished. Therefore, I want everything to be centered around YOU. I don’t know you, so I cannot describe you. These items are a reminiscing moment, dedicated to the struggles, the memories, and the successes of your college/high school career. I cannot, and will not design them for you. 

Grad caps: locals in the Little Rock and surrounding areas (those who give me cap in hand personally) $35; out of city/state $40 (shipping included) if a cap needs to be provided, the price is $50 (local and out of state) 


Grad Stoles/sashes:  items are hand drawn and painted

 (I do not embroider) 

all stoles are satin material.

  • Plain stole: $115

  • Stole with satin trim (any color trim): $150

  • Stole with pearl or rhinestone trimming: $175

AGAIN, with the design made truly by customer, this is a true target for a one of kind designed item. 

Expedited orders are considered those needed during the week of the event that is taking place.  An extra $40 fee will be applied to the order (give an option of expediting item). 

Also, for any of the wooden items listed above, add $10 option if customer wants item to be glazed, and water proof protected.


Tiki Mayne:

Want a tiki to show off your swag? We can duplicate any image digitally, on wood (only material used) for $25. Any logo (single layer) $30, sizes 4-8 inches; anything larger, add an additional $10. For a double stacked layer, $40

(same sizes as previously listed). All tikis are glazed and water proof protected. An additional $15 if the back is wanted to be decorated as well. 

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