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NOIR/NOIRE-/nwär/ (the color black in French)


All things “Noir”….we love that here!

What is “noir”? 

     -In addition to the simple description of color (black), noir can be a noun for a black person.


My name is ‘Eboni Monét’, a phenomenal black woman who loves art! As an entrepreneuHER, a self taught artist, I am unapologetically set in my ways when it comes to my craft. I am extremely particular about deadlines and boundaries, & I must remain this way to strategically be the best mother I can be to my children. They require a lot of my time and will always come first. 


When life gets a bit hectic, art is my safe place, and I take pride in my work. Each piece is orchestrated with love and a goal to obtain the best customer service and satisfaction. Thank you for trusting me and allowing me to bring your vision(s) to life! 


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